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Want to reward your loyal dog or friendly cat? Enjoy watching the birds in your garden? Then treat them to a delicious homemade treat. All our products are hand prepared in Twickenham by talented professional chef Jane Cox.


Jane creates her own recipes based on years of experience in the food industry, extensive research and expert advice.


Using her skills from training as a professional chef at Leiths School of Cookery in West London and a lifetime interest in nature, herbs and plants, Jane creates tasty snacks with “magic” ingredients to help improve the health of your pet. Dog treats and cat treats are made with human grade ingredients in Jane’s own kitchen.


Show your pet how much you care. As well as our seasonal specials we can supply celebration treats and cakes for any occasion for your pet.


So whether it's a birthday, another celebration or simply a reward for good behaviour, make your pet feel special with a bespoke treat.


Natural, healthy, wholesome

Handmade treats for dogs, cats and wild birds with no artificial colours, preservatives, flavours, added salt or sugar. Treats are flavoured and sweetened with natural herbs, fruit, nuts and seeds and contain ingredients that provide nutritional and health benefits. Dog and cat treats are only made with human grade ingredients so they look and smell great and taste even better!

Fairs and Markets Market


Find us at local fairs and Farmers’ Markets in South West London, Hertfordshire and Gloucestershire. Take home a special treat for your furry and feathered friends. You’ll never have seen them more pleased to see you. Check out the news page for latest dates and venues.

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Meet Fellah, PeTreats biggest fan. and get a dog’s eye view of all the news at PeTreats in Fellah's blog.

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Real treats for pets

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